Film libraries and courses containing bite-sized films and animations to help you learn more about manging your health successfully. 

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COURSES covered are: Diabetes, COPD, Looking after your mental health, Weight management and Sleep.

CONDITIONS covered include:  Diabetes, COPD, Back pain, Heart failure, Dementia, Ageing well at home, Keeping well at work (stress, anxiety, diet, exercise)



Bite-sized films, easy to understand, easy to watch, easy to access.

If you have come to this page because you already have access to The Sound Doctor, scroll through the services list of conditions and pick the film library you are interested in.  

If you don't already have access, please REGISTER via the login tab at the top, then you can access the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab to purchase a licence. 

World class patient education

The Sound Doctor creates high quality content - both structured education courses and film libraries - to encourage effective self-management. 

The films are short and easy to understand but crucially they form a structured and coherent approach to education about long-term conditions which is unique.

Use The Sound Doctor as part of your self-management toolkit.


Why use it? Because it works!

Evaluations have consistently shown that our content works and changes health behaviours.

Users find The Sound Doctor films easy to use, easy to understand and highly effective as part of their treatment.

They also report a significant reduction in visits to their GP and to hospital.

“The quality of the product is, in my experience, unmatched anywhere in the world.”
Dr Charles Alessi, Senior Advisor Public Health England

No hassle, no fuss

  • Easy to use in multiple digital formats
  • No logging in!
  • Easy access via a unique text or email link
  • Extensive data on usage
  • Use our own platform or embed material in yours
  • Use as part of other digital solutions in your area
  • Immediate access to films


Who's it for?

The Sound Doctor offers a solution for any public or private body with responsibility for maintaining and improving health and well-being.

CCGs and ICSs can benefit by offering the material free to all patients registered within their area giving practice nurses and GPs more time to devote to other patients or to other tasks.

Hospitals can benefit by distributing tailored material on admission and/or discharge leading to a reduction in re-admissions and more effective recovery from illness.

Local Authorities can improve their public health impact by delivering effective health information at scale. 

Employers can benefit by keeping their staff healthy and in work, reducing absences.

Health insurers can benefit through reduced claims and better engagement with policyholders leading to improved retention rates.


How can you benefit?

Healthcare professionals are busy people. We make it easy for you to deliver information to your patients when you don't have the time.

Our aims are:

1. To free up clinical staff by giving them a tool that can reach and help people 24/7, reducing the need for face-to-face contact and improving the contacts that do take place.

2. To reduce the number of avoidable hospital admissions and re-admissions by equipping people to self-manage effectively, reducing the likelihood of flare-ups and complications.

3. To reduce the pressure on social care by helping people to live independently for longer.


Benefits for users

By offering people with long-term conditions a comprehensive and structured programme of education we improve people’s knowledge of their conditions and help them make the right lifestyle changes.

  • A lifelong companion
  • 20 – 60 short films on each condition
  • A mix of interviews, lively graphics and animations
  • Motivational, practical and reassuring in tone
  • Authoritative and exceptionally well-reviewed by both experts and users
  • Adheres to NICE guidelines and regularly updated
  • Shown to change behaviour


Does it work?

The Sound Doctor has been shown to improve knowledge and confidence and change self-management behaviour. Evaluations have shown:

  • 96% understood their condition better
  • 98% learned new information about their condition
  • 96% felt more confident about managing their condition effectively
  • 88% had a better understanding of their medicines (10% not applicable)
  • 72% have become more physically active
  • 96% felt more confident about what to do when their condition gets worse
  • 93% have changed their self-management technique
  • 93% reported fewer visits to their GP practice
  • 62% reported fewer admissions to hospital
  • 99% found The Sound Doctor a useful addition to their healthcare

* Survey of 121 long-term users in Leicestershire


Why we’re different

Unlike all other video information

At The Sound Doctor we provide a detailed and structured journey through each long-term condition. 

We interview real clinicians and real patients to deliver the most important information.

We don’t just use local clinicians, we don’t just use senior clinicians. We trawl the UK to find the clinicians who communicate most clearly and effectively.

Our background in national radio and television has taught us how to tell a story simply and effectively with imaginative treatments, animations and graphics.

We don’t just ask questions and record the answers. We research each subject thoroughly and harvest the answers.

We’re exceptionally well-reviewed by healthcare professionals and third sector organisations.


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Our aim is to help people with dementia live independently for longer, reducing the strain on carers and the care system. A comprehensive library of 40 films (produced with Newcastle Institute for Ageing) that will improve understanding and coping strategies. These practical films will benefit professional staff as well as family carers.


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The Sound Doctor library of films on COPD is focused on preventing exacerbations, improving medicines management and inhaler techniques and reducing the number of hospital admissions and re-admissions. More than sixty films provide a step-by-step guide to living well with COPD.


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The Sound Doctor library of films on diabetes enables people to understand and delay or prevent the complications of diabetes by making better lifestyle choices and understanding their medication better. These sixty films provide the basis on which to live well with diabetes and maintain good control.

Heart Failure

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The Sound Doctor library of films on heart failure (produced in collaboration with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust and King’s College Hospital Trust) give people all the information they need to understand and live well with heart failure. Reassuring stories from those living with heart failure help give people confidence to manage the condition.

Working Age Wellbeing

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Most of us spend a lot of time at work, and so it’s very important to make sure we are as happy and healthy in the workplace and at home, as we can be. We have interviewed leading national and international experts, covering a wide range of workplace issues, all related to our health and wellbeing.

Back Pain

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The Sound Doctor library of films on back pain aims to prevent acute back pain becoming chronic, speeding up return to, and reducing absence from, work. The series also focuses on self-management techniques that will prevent back pain occurring in the first places. Includes simple exercises to strengthen your back.

Ageing well at home

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This series of films will help you to learn more about some of the main issues we all face as we get older. Once we understand why certain things happen, we can take steps to prevent them and improve our lives at home.

Weight Loss Surgery

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The Sound Doctor library of films on bariatric surgery offers a step by step guide to help people make the right choice about surgery. These films will improve outcomes by helping people decide whether they are suitable for surgery, preparing them for it and explaining the likely impact on their lives afterwards.

Lifestyle Choices

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The Sound Doctor collection of short, stylised animations explains how making simple lifestyle choices can improve quality of life and prevent ill health. Beautifully drawn and engaging to watch, they nudge people into becoming more active and eating more healthily. These are silent movies which can be used effectively on public screens.

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