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What we do

Effective structured education

The Sound Doctor makes high quality films and audio programmes designed to help healthcare professionals advise their patients on managing long-term conditions safely and effectively at home. We provide courses of educational material focusing on the causes, symptoms, risks, treatment and management of each condition.

Material is available to license by single condition or as a complete package.

Each library is broken up into accessible and easy-to-understand sections so that patients and their families can absorb the information at their own pace, in their own time, in their own home.

All films feature practical advice from leading national and international experts as well as patients living well with their condition.

"The quality of the product is, in my experience, unmatched anywhere in the world."
Charles Alessi - Senior Adviser, Public Health England

Online diabetes course

The Sound Doctor is delighted to introduce our nationally accredited online diabetes course. This structured education course is ideal for those who want an online offering which they can do in their own time and space. It is bright and engaging, film based rather than text based. There are 32 films, interactive quizzes and bright visuals.

G Cloud 11 framework

How to wash your hands properly

BBC Essex Interview

BBC Essex recently showcased The Sound Doctor who have teamed up with Essex Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Together they are launching a new initiative - the Live Well campaign – educating people in Essex on how they can manage their long-term conditions. Find out more and listen to the interview here.


We have substantial libraries of films to help healthcare professionals reach their patients covering, amongst other conditions:

COPD – 60 films focused on preventing exacerbations, improving inhaler techniques, pulmonary rehabilitation and coping with breathlessness

Diabetes – 65 films covering diet, activity, medications, blood glucose monitoring and reducing the risk of complications

Dementia – 35 films looking at the symptoms, communication, coping with changing behaviours, being a carer and managing financial and other affairs

Heart failure – 40 films examining the causes and symptoms of heart failure, medicines management, cardiac rehabilitation, work, driving and other aspects of daily life.

Back Pain – 22 films aimed at preventing back pain and speeding up return to work. Includes simple back-strengthening exercises

Weight loss surgery – 16 films offering a step-by-step guide to help people make the right choice about surgery and ensure the surgery is successful if it’s undertaken

Lifestyle choices – 10 short animations designed to nudge people into making better lifestyle choices


Keeping Well at Work – 51 films to help you understand and cope with stress and anxiety, and learn more about sleep, nutrition and exercise in the workplace.


Ageing Well at Home – 27 films to help you understand what happens to you as you get older and how you can help yourself to live well and safely at home for longer.

How you can benefit

Effective self-management ensures people remain healthier for longer.

The Sound Doctor will:

  • 1. Reduce the need for face-to-face contact between healthcare professionals and patients
  • 2. Reduce the number of hospital admissions and re-admissions
  • 3. Reduce the pressure on social care by helping people live independently for longer
  • 4. Shorten and prevent absences from work
  • 5. Free up clinical staff by giving them a tool that can reach and help people 24/7

Who’s it for?

The Sound Doctor offers a solution for any public or private body with responsibility for maintaining and improving health and well-being

CCGs and STPs – an information prescription for patients gives healthcare professionals more time and reduces the need for face-to-face contact

Hospitals – reduce the number of re-admissions and improve recovery rates

Local Authorities – improve your public health commitment and reduce the demand on social care

Employers – keep your staff healthy and reduce absence from work

Health insurers – reduce the number of claims and improve engagement with policyholders


Does it work?

The Sound Doctor has been shown to improve patients’ knowledge and confidence and change self-management behaviour.

Most recent surveys of patients using The Sound Doctor for more than a year showed:

  • 98% learned new information about their condition
  • 62% reported fewer admissions to hospital
  • 96% felt more confident about managing their condition effectively
  • 93% have changed their self-management technique
  • 93% reported fewer visits to their GP practice
  • 88% had a better understanding of their medicines (10% not applicable)

* Survey of 121 long-term users in Leicestershire

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