The Sound Doctor Privacy Policy for App and Web App


The Sound Doctor Privacy Policy for App and Web App

The Sound Doctor Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy. Our aim is to give you a safe and helpful online resource. To ensure that we provide the best service to all customers and patients it is necessary for us to collect some information about how our app is used.

Name and email address are collected only to allow logging in and managing these credentials from inside the app - web app or native app.

The data is stored on the Azure server and standard SSL encryption is used whilst the data is in transit. It is kept for up to 24 months after the last activity and will be deleted after that. 


Please contact about any of the issues below.

  • Changes in your details you would like us to reflect   
  • Checking the accuracy of the details we hold about you 
  • To delete your details 
  • To object or withdraw consent for processing  details
  • Any other queries or concerns about this Privacy Policy.

We will respond within five working days.

We don’t share your information with any other IT system so data portability does not apply, and you can request restriction of use of your data at any point.

In order to improve the app and web app and help benefit as many people as possible, our aim is to gather a small amount of information about how people are using the app and their experience of using it. This will be anonymous. The information we collect may relate to your locality or GP practice but not to you personally. 

Information gathered by The Sound Doctor Ltd includes the user’s IP address, how many times the app is accessed and how long each visit lasts. This information will not be shared with third parties. 

We intend to record your answers to the various tests and questionnaires included in the app and web app. These will not be related to any individual and there will be no means for tracing your personal answers to any questions. The aim is to find out whether you have benefited from using the app or web app. Again it will be anonymous but may relate to your locality or GP practice or organisation. The information is important to us so that we know whether the information we’re providing is useful. 

The Sound Doctor will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information without your permission except under special circumstances. Any information collected by The Sound Doctor will be treated confidentially. 

Please remember that any information you reveal, including personally identifiable information in a public forum such as in a discussion forum or a chat, is not subject to this Privacy Policy and can be seen by third parties unrelated to The Sound Doctor. It is therefore important that you carefully consider what information you disclose in these areas.

Film Content Review Process

The Sound Doctor’s Chief Medical Adviser reviews film content on an ongoing basis. Each film library has a thorough review every two years, undertaken by a leading specialist in that condition area.

The Sound Doctor will operate by the following Code of Conduct

By using this app or web app, you agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy. When you submit the limited amount of information required to operate this site effectively you consent to the collection and use of this material according to this Privacy Policy. 

The Sound Doctor may require that you Log In to access the material. When you create a secure personal account we collect your name and email address, and occasionally your phone number (where you agree to provide it) and your password. We will not pass on this information to any third party under any circumstances unless you give us your express consent. 

Your GP practice may require you to provide limited information (such as your e-mail address) in order to benefit from the app or web app. 

The Sound Doctor will help you to make sure that the information you provide is correct and up to date. 

The Sound Doctor will not pass on any details you provide to any third parties. However we will need to ensure that we can provide you with updates to the app and web app, new films and other material added. In some circumstances this may require that we send you a short e-mail alerting you to changes but usually this will be done through your local practice. 

If you have agreed to allow us to contact you when registering with us, by ticking our T and C's box,  we may contact you as agreed. This will only ever be to ask about The Sound Doctor content and it's usefulness. 

The Sound Doctor videos are hosted externally with Vimeo and their policy can be viewed policy can be viewed here

The Sound Doctor LTD ICO notification number: Z3241184