How to access the Sound Doctor

If you would like to buy access to The Sound Doctor films, it is only £9.95 per condition, please click here.

This will give you access to a library of the highest quality films, with input from leading charities, national and international experts, patients and carers. There are over 250 films in the library covering the following conditions: Diabetes, COPD, dementia, bariatric surgery and back pain. All the films are 3 to 5 minutes long, and help you understand your condition more, look after yourself better and improve your quality of life. We hope you will find them really interesting.

Did you come to the site as a healthcare professional?

If you are a healthcare professional, please contact The Sound Doctor via or ring 01285850887

Did you come to the site via your GP practice?

(for those GP practices who have already purchased The Sound Doctor on your behalf and will have given you a brochure)

Email us at with the name of your GP and the Practice and conditions you would like to access

  1. We’ll get back to you with a link to click on
  2. That will take you to Log in page
  3. Fill in/make up your username and password
  4. You’re away!