The Sound Doctor is like a consultation whenever you want it, in your own home, in your own time.

Living with a "long term condition" can be tough. Our films, with practical tips and advice from leading doctors, nurses, consultants and other professionals can help you cope.

Knowledge is power!

Understanding your condition can give you the confidence to manage at home, help reduce your need to see the GP and keep you out of hospital.

The help you need – when you need it!

The Sound Doctor is full of information you wish you'd remembered at that GP appointment or just forgot to ask. And there are valuable tips from people like you as well, who know what it's like to live with a long term condition.

Your healthcare team in your pocket!

We give you access to expert advice at home, in your time, at your own pace, or on the move on a tablet or smartphone. It's there whenever and wherever you want!

Bite-sized films, easy to understand, easy to watch.

All our films are between two and five minutes long. They're short, to the point and jargon-free.Pick the ones you want to watch whenever you need a bit of help.

Why is self management important?

The Sound Doctor contains useful tips from patients as well as doctors, nurses, consultants and other professionals. There's also a chat room so you can swap tips and stories with other people who understand what you're going through. And we'll be adding new films to the site as we go along.

The aim is to keep you well and out of hospital, to help you cope at home and give you the confidence to take control and get as much as you can out of life.

We hope that after watching The Sound Doctor films you'll feel much more confident and better equipped to deal with your condition and get the most out of life.

Good luck. Let's take control !